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Patricia Parkinson is a creative problem solver and solutions-focused innovator bringing 12+ years of experience across creative strategy, vision, production, and management with an emphasis on remote digital collaboration.

As a polymath, Patricia draws from diverse knowledge and deep expertise to develop holistic vision frameworks and products that integrate considerations and constraints across product development, marketing, culture and community building.

Known for her unconventional thinking and infectious enthusiasm, Patricia excels at bringing fresh perspective to the table by integrating ideas from established business practices, human-centered design principles, and emerging technologies.

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I leverage my broad expertise across a number of different complex knowledge areas to solve specific problems.

The future needs problem solvers with diverse knowledge and fresh eyes that can connect the dots. It wants translators that can understand complicated concepts and recognize patterns. It desires innovators who can make sense of it all and lead us to new ideas. I’m on a mission to leverage my polymathic nature and collaborate with others doing the same.

I’m focused on improving blockchain adoption and usability through experience design and brand-driven creation.

From the highest levels of business, to the most distant off-the-grid village, blockchain is redefining how people trust one another. If we can improve how blockchain is understood and used by everyday people, the world may be on the brink of a revolution so profound it redefines, and invigorates, our very humanity. I’m working to create this future.

Blockchain Revolutionist


I’m a nomadic knowledge and innovation worker, which means I collaborate with almost anybody, anytime, anywhere.

I leaped into the future of work and a nomadic lifestyle in 2014 – which came naturally after 6 years in startup land. I now work remotely with teams, sometimes they travel to me and I to them. I stick around along as I’m adding value and creating meaningful positive outcomes. After that, I’m off to the next collaboration and design problem to solve.

Past Lives

  • Launched an IPTV financial news network in the heat of the 2008 financial crisis.

  • Created an acclaimed suite of interactive financial literacy resources for rural Australians.

  • Revitalised a national fundraising campaign resulting in a 270% increase in donations.

  • Developed the digital presence of Australia's largest youth theatre company.

  • Attracted a front page feature on a rock band across national FairFax Media websites.

  • Designed a marketplace for content publishers for use in the Chinese school system.

  • Stumbled repeatedly. Started more things than I finished. Learned from my mistakes.

Key Clients


These are my top three strengths. I’m a big fan of using this tool with teams I work with so we can design our roles and dynamic more intentionally – what are your strengths?



Activators make things happen by turning thoughts, ideas, and concepts into action. We're generative and have tremendous motivation, energy, and personal drive to get things going. We use our innovative and creative nature to generate new and revolutionary ways of doing things. We're most creative when in motion.


Strategists are at their best and most decisive when faced with multiple and uncertain options. We can quickly assess the situation, choose a few possible options, and then strike with a decision. We're fast thinkers and highly sensitive to the impact our decisions may have on others. We look for alternative ways to progress forward, often breaking through obstacles or introducing new methods of decision making.


Futurists inspire a sense of what is to come, and creatively plan for the future to solve today’s problems. When confronted with a challenge, we can see beyond the obstacles and refocus people by providing a “next step” for getting unstuck in the present. We're passionate about exciting the imagination of others to work together to achieve better outcomes.


Genetic aversion to coriander (cilantro)

Seriously, this is a thing - her 23andme DNA report proves it. A small percentage of the population tastes this herb similar to soap or dirt. Yuck.

Coding since 11 years old

Prior to geocities and angelfire days, Patricia's inner nerd led her to the intriguing world of If–then(–else). After dabbling in many languages, she is a front-end developer and a highly technically literate enthusiast.

Selective eidetic memory

One of Patricia's (not so secret) super powers is a photographic memory, specific to cinema. She is a walking talking movie encyclopedia. If only this skill applied to all areas of life...