Patricia Parkinson
Patricia Parkinson
Polymath . Creative Director . Speaker

I live at the intersection of the cyber & physical age,
exploring the technological change that is unleashing human potential.


I leverage my broad expertise across a number of different complex knowledge areas to solve specific problems.

The future needs problem solvers with diverse knowledge and fresh eyes that can connect the dots. It wants translators that can understand complicated concepts and recognize patterns. It desires innovators who can make sense of it all and lead us to new ideas. I’m on a mission to leverage my polymathic nature and collaborate with others doing the same.

Blockchain Revolutionist

I’m focused on improving blockchain adoption and usability through experience design and brand-driven creation.

From the highest levels of business, to the most distant off-the-grid village, blockchain is redefining how people trust one another. If we can improve how blockchain is understood and used by everyday people, the world may be on the brink of a revolution so profound it redefines, and invigorates, our very humanity. I’m working to create this future.


I’m a nomadic knowledge and innovation worker, which means I collaborate with almost anybody, anytime, anywhere.

I leaped into the future of work and a nomadic lifestyle in 2014 – which came naturally after 6 years in startup land. I now work remotely with teams, sometimes they travel to me and I to them. I stick around along as I’m adding value and creating meaningful positive outcomes. After that, I’m off to the next collaboration and design problem to solve.


Patricia Parkinson

Bridging perspectives on the possibile


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brand-driven creation

Branding is changing. It's no longer about what we tell people but what they tell each other. Brands are lenses through which the world sees you.

Creative convergence

Ingenuity lies at the intersection of ideas where we cross-pollinate perspectives; be it from the same person or group of collaborators.

Blockchain revolution

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact and organize ourselves; as individual communities and society as a whole. 

What’s a knowmad?

I’m a Knowmad which means I can work with anybody, anytime, and anywhere.

For 10 years I worked with startups through crucial periods of growth across in Canada, Australia and China until 2014 when I transitioned into location independence. Since that time I’ve immersed myself in the richly talented expat community, particularly in Bali, Indonesia + Chiang Mai, Thailand + Denver, Colorado.




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Patricia shares her own blockchain journey leading up to the formation of blockchain babes which is dedicated to empowering women to learn more about the technology.

The Art of Adventure
Patricia Parkinson is a polymath, and she actually had it tattooed on her forearm! She says that polymaths specifically have this amazing ability to synthesize very complex information into simple concepts and communicate that in ways that bring people together to elaborate on that idea or concept.

Forbes: Creative Polymath Patricia Parkinson Shares 5 Books You Need to Read
As a child, Patricia wanted to have Superman’s ability to read with lightning speed and photographic recall. She reads because she loves learning, and has an insatiable appetite for absorbing new knowledge. Her reading tastes are eclectic, ranging from graphic novels to sci-fi epics, from technical to philosophical texts, oral histories to transmedia narratives.

My expertise

Bridging perspectives on what's possible at the
intersection of design, technology and entrepreneurship. 


Current Location

Bali, Indonesia

8.5069° S, 115.2625° E



Fuelled by limitless fascination and enthusiasm for our decentralised future, I leverage 10+ years experience as a Creative Director and digital native/nomad to bridge perspectives on what is possible at the intersection of design, technology and entrepreneurship.


I speak and consult in the areas of blockchain, creative convergence and brand-driven creation.  

I'm passionately curious about these topics:

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact and organise ourselves; as both as communities and society as a whole. 


Brand-Driven Creation

Branding is changing. It's no longer about what we tell people but what they tell each other. Brand can be a lens through which to seen clearly.

Creative Convergence

Ingenuity lies at the intersection of ideas where we cross-pollinate perspectives; be it from the same person or group of collaborators.

I focus my time on these projects:


A person who possesses knowledge in multiple fields; exploring a variety of interests and forms of expression. 


ABout Me

I spend my time helping people and organisations get better at leveraging their multi-disciplinary talent.

I'm also a global nomad, which means I work remotely and travel extensively. Right now I'm based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was last in Lisbon, Portugal and Sofia, Bulgaria and have been living location independently since 2014.

I've worked in North America, China and Australia as a Creative Director for a broadcasting network, marketing agency, startup incubator, business growth strategy consulting firm and co-founded a tech startup for the Chinese entertainment market. Read my full bio.

I now create awesome brands, consult as a digital strategist and UX Designer, mentor early-stage entrepreneurs, develop products, inventory creative inspiration and write about location independence.

I'm best known for my ability to explain difficult concepts in clear and intuitive ways, infectious enthusiasm, collaborative spirit, and passion for creative tools and processes.

My mission is to inspire multi-disciplinary talent to embrace and harness the diversity of their skills.

If what I'm doing sounds like something that interests you, get in touch!


Current Projects



What am I doing right now?

Last Update: 27.07.2017

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Zealous Minds

Founder • Polymath champion

Developing resources and building a community for polymaths
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Founder • Creative Director

Building brands and creating awesome digital presence for driven entrepreneurs
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The Curated Avenue

Founder • Curator

Curating an online magazine exploring location independence
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Curious Cabinet


Curating an inventory of creative inspiration
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Creative director

Managing the design of brand and product assets for an ergonomic laptop stand for travellers
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Writing a book about why Polymaths on the future




Developing and managing projects for online product sellers
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Plan of Attack

Co-Founder • CCO

Developing a step-by-step visual battleplan for overwhelmed entrepreneurs
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