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ARD World News: Digital Nomads in Vacation Paradise
"The place Ubud in Bali is not just a vacation paradise: Start-up entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from around the world stay for months or years. It's not only the weather that attracts the digital nomads..."

Habits and Routines of Nomad and Polymath Patricia Parkinson
"I met Patricia Parkinson a year ago. Both of us were coaching at the Startup Weekend in Ubud, Bali. After a quick chat, I knew that Patricia is an extraordinary person with unlimited energy and positive attitude. She’s the second guest for my interview series with creative individuals..."

Miss Blockchain: The Birth of Blockchain Babes - A Women in Blockchain Movement
Miss Blockchain talks with Patricia Parkinson, an Innovation Strategist working with digital entrepreneurs, driver of the Blockchain Babes, a movement for women leadership in Blockchain, and a recent presenter at Tulip Conf in San Fransisco.

Silicon Valley Insider: EOS Goes Live
”Patricia shares her own blockchain journey leading up to the formation of blockchain babes which is dedicated to empowering women to learn more about the technology.”

The Art of Adventure
”Patricia Parkinson is a polymath, and she actually had it tattooed on her forearm! She says that polymaths specifically have this amazing ability to synthesize very complex information into simple concepts and communicate that in ways that bring people together to elaborate on that idea or concept.”

Forbes: Creative Polymath Patricia Parkinson Shares 5 Books You Need to Read
“As a child, Patricia wanted to have Superman’s ability to read with lightning speed and photographic recall. She reads because she loves learning, and has an insatiable appetite for absorbing new knowledge. Her reading tastes are eclectic, ranging from graphic novels to sci-fi epics, from technical to philosophical texts, oral histories to transmedia narratives.”


The Art of Adventure

The Polymath Advantage: Specializing In Multiple Fields


Polymath Shares 5 Books You Need To Read

Miss Blockchain

The Birth of Blockchain Babes: A Women in Blockchain Movement

Silicon Valley Insider

Interview at Tulip Conference with Ken Koo on Blockchain