NIIRA (Network for Internet Investigation and Research Australia) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote discussion, debate and dissemination of topics related to the Internet and wellbeing worldwide.

Prior to contacting Funke Labs, NIIRA’s brand was dated, clunky, and missed their target audience of professionals and public (instead focusing very heavily on children). Funke Labs undertook thorough target market research and competitor analysis to determine how best to allow NIIRA to stand out from their competitors, whilst still being identifiable as a part of the mental health industry.

The rebrand resulted in the logo being stripped back to its strong conceptual base and simplified into clean lines with a modern typeface. A pale turquoise was chosen as the primary colour to convey a sense of professional calmness – while a peach coloured highlight provided a point of interest.

With careful consideration to the new NIIRA brand, a website was designed and built using the Drupal Content Management System. It presented NIIRA’s wealth of knowledge in a way that was easy for both professionals and the public to access. Tags were created to aid any users searching for specific information, whilst clear calls to action divided up resources for professionals and public audiences.

Client . Network for Internet Investigation and Research Australia
Agency . Funke Labs
Industry . Social Internet Research
Country . Australia
Role . Creative Director
Year . 2011
Components . Brand Identity, Digital Design & Development