What I’m Doing Right Now


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Living in Sofia, Bulgaria for September 2017


  • Focusing this month on book writing! >30k words down.
  • Working with The Vibe Project on a brand reinvention
  • Experimenting with The Curated Avenue behind the scenes
  • Celebrating new sales and reviews for STANDapart on Amazon!
  • Developing a new business for an adventure mentor 
  • Preparing the re-launch of Hungry (Oct 2017)
  • Pro-bono mentoring of a first-time entrepreneur 
  • Supporting the design of Amazon haberdashery products
  • Supporting Rackett's digital presence EP launch and tour
  • Available for freelance projects and consulting



The blackest abyss is a pock in the flesh when one has gazed in solitude upon the infinity of self.
When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours. And I’ve never met a universe that was into it. The universe is basically an animal that grazes on the ordinary, creates infinite idiots just to eat them. Smart people get a change to get onto and take reality for a ride but it will never stop trying to throw you, and eventually it will. There is no other way off.

Take off. Put a saddle on your universe, let it kick itself out.
— Rick
Go back far enough and you will find people who were not consumers, people who were not waiting around passively for stuff to happen to them. You will find people who spent their lives making things.
— Big Magic