Tasked to amplify King of the Lake - a six weekend tournament series that delivers the exciting world of Great Lake salmon fishing.

The King of the Lake Salmon Series had been evolving steadily since 2004 - and 2009 brought exciting new changes to the tournament and full coverage of all the action on the water. What started with 100 boats on the water has evolved into 400 boats and 800 rods battling for the King Salmon.

Salmon anglers from the United States and Canada coming together to compete in four events running over each weekend of the summer. More than half a million dollars in cash and prizes. Over $60,000 paid out every weekend, with $25,000 going to the top team. Each event taking place in different locations in Ontario and New York, were converted into six 30 minute shows, shown on the King of the Lake IP online channel. Viewers were able to join in on the drama and tension of the event, from the on-boat action to the weigh-in, as the anglers and audience watched the excitement of the big-screen as it displays real-time results.

A proprietary application was designed to make the tournament run smooth and customizable for every competitor. Scoring and weigh-ins were posted in real time and teams could can add video and pictures of catches on their profile pages and interact with other fishermen in the series.

The progression of the King of the Lake Salmon Series brand had been taken upon with the fisherman’s lifestyle in mind, showcasing the competitiveness and camaraderie among anglers. The series has recently built upon these core values even further, substantially increasing the cash prizes for the events and including new family-based events.

Agency . Drive Strategic
Year . 2008 - 2009
Role . Many hats
Components . Identity Design, Digital Design & Development, Event Management, Photography, Campaign Strategy, Digital Strategy, Videography, Sponsorship, Vendor Management