Patricia Parkinson Speaking

Patricia Parkinson speaks on how we can make a decentralized future our reality.


  • What is Brand-Driven Innovation?

  • How Blockchain is Re-Inventing the Web that Wasn't

  • How to Effectively Brand Your Token Sale

  • Your Logo is Not Your Brand

  • The Genius of Generalists

  • Do Polymaths Own the Future?




Recent Talks

Tulip 2018: Next-Gen Blockchain Conference

How to Brand Your Token Sale

San francisco, usa  •  8.6.2018


Keys to Freedom Conference

How Blockchain is Reinventing
the Web that Wasn’t

Sydney, australia  •  14.5.2018


Outpost Co-Working Space

Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Ubud, Bali  •  21.5.2017

Pecha Kucha

Do Polymaths Own the Future?

Ubud, Bali  •  29.5.2017


Hubud Co-Working Space

Process Mapping and Modeling

Ubud, Bali  •  15.12.2017

Fuck Up Night

Billions to Bust: The Story of my First Founding Fantasy

Ubud, Bali  •  #.#.2017