Patricia Parkinson
Patricia Parkinson
Polymath . Creative Director . Speaker

Patricia Parkinson

Patricia Parkinson

Polymath . Blockchain Revolutionist . Knowmad


About Patricia

Patricia Parkinson is a polymathic creative director, digital experience designer, brand strategist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and futurist.

Patricia is known for developing the largest financial literacy workshop program in the world (reaching 500k students each year), a digital literacy workshop program (reaching 100k students), cofounding an “entertainment driven eCommerce” media technology company in China in 2015, launching one of the first online financial news networks in 2008, and designing 100+ brands & digital experiences over the last 12 years.

Her mission is to activate genius through harnessing the technological change that is unleashing human potential.

During her career, Patricia has worked with Netflix, Lions Gate, China Mobile, Google, Mondelez International, Optus, Football Federation Australia, Commonwealth Bank, Quark Expeditions, Rogers, Shimano, Ernst and Young, NewsLifeMedia, Westpac, MLC, MS Research Australia, Australian Theatre for Young People, and more.

She is currently the co-founder of Chestnut, Blockchain Babes, SteemSmarter, Hungry and BlockCollab (launching 2019).

Patricia is described as “an undiluted power pack of creative awesome” with “unlimited energy, ideas, and positive attitude” and a unique ability to absorb knowledge quickly and execute it flawlessly.

Keynote Topics


do polymaths own the future?

Ingenuity lies at the intersection of cross-pollinated ideas and perspectives. What could our future look like if we learn to embrace our multidimensionality as a superpower?


How blockchain is reinventing the web that wasn’t

Did you know there was an alternate design for the web? Explore the shifting paradigm of how creators, consumers and curators can work together to build our new decentralized digital economy. 

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