Patricia Parkinson
Patricia Parkinson
Polymath . Creative Director . Speaker

Patricia Parkinson

Patricia Parkinson

Polymath . Blockchain Revolutionist . Knowmad


I live at the intersection of the cyber & physical age,
exploring the technological change that is unleashing human potential.


I leverage my broad expertise across a number of different complex knowledge areas to solve specific problems.

The future needs problem solvers with diverse knowledge and fresh eyes that can connect the dots. It wants translators that can understand complicated concepts and recognize patterns. It desires innovators who can make sense of it all and lead us to new ideas. I’m on a mission to leverage my polymathic nature and collaborate with others doing the same.

Blockchain Revolutionist

I’m focused on improving blockchain adoption and usability through experience design and brand-driven creation.

From the highest levels of business, to the most distant off-the-grid village, blockchain is redefining how people trust one another. If we can improve how blockchain is understood and used by everyday people, the world may be on the brink of a revolution so profound it redefines, and invigorates, our very humanity. I’m working to create this future.


I’m a nomadic knowledge and innovation worker, which means I collaborate with almost anybody, anytime, anywhere.

I leaped into the future of work and a nomadic lifestyle in 2014 – which came naturally after 6 years in startup land. I now work remotely with teams, sometimes they travel to me and I to them. I stick around along as I’m adding value and creating meaningful positive outcomes. After that, I’m off to the next collaboration and design problem to solve.

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Updates & Collaborations

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