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I'm a Polymath; I draw on diverse experiences and knowledge to solve specific and complex problems.

Depending on the day I can be found creating a brand identity for a startup, developing a go-to-market strategy for a new product, designing the user experience for an e-commerce app, or even coaching talented creative entrepreneurs.

An integrated approach is my superpower; empowering me to facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration and transform ambitious ideas into practical realities.

I'm incredibly proud to have spent the last decade working with bright minds, inspiring teams and influential brands across the globe - from the Canada to Australia to China.

I'm the founder of Zealous and am available for freelance projects, strategic consulting and speaking engagements.

I particularly enjoy supporting those passionate about making our communities, businesses, and daily experiences more meaningful.

“Patricia possesses a unique ability to absorb knowledge quickly and execute it flawlessly.

Ken McGarrie, General Manager at Prime & Provisions

“...she's an undiluted power pack of creative awesome.

Daniel Keogh, Educational Games Producer

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• FOUNDED a consulting firm encouraging and leveraging the power of polymaths.

• REVITALISED a national fundraising campaign resulting in a 270% increase in donations.

• DEVELOPED the digital presence of Australia's largest youth theatre company.

• ATTRACTED a front page headline featurette on a rock band across national FairFax Media websites.

• LAUNCHED an IPTV financial news network in the heat of the 2008 financial crisis.

• TRANSFORMED a floundering digital agency into a powerful startup incubator. 

• DELIVERED dozens of workshops and talks, including Genius of the Generalist and Future of VR.

• CREATED an acclaimed suite of interactive financial literacy resources for rural Australians.

• DESIGNED a marketplace for content publishers for use in the Chinese school system.

• FILMED ten webisodes on the future of working featuring entrepreneurs at Hubud in Bali.

• MENTORED dozens of talented creatives and entrepreneurs around the world.

• STUMBLED repeatedly. Started more things than I finished. Learned from my mistakes.


  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Product Development
  • Integrated Marketing



An honest, optimistic, analytical, and enthusiastic solutions focused leader
who sees life as full of possibilities.


  1. Activator
  2. Strategic
  3. Futuristic
  4. Command
  5. Self-Assurance

Current Location:

San Pancho, Mexico

20° 33' 9.14" N,-98° 00' 7.52" W

Location Independent

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I spent six years living in Sydney, Australia and recently adopted a nomadic lifestyle. This allows me to travel the world and continue my insatiable pursuit of new experiences and lifelong learning.

I work remotely, travel to my clients... and sometimes they travel with me!

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